Viking Wenches - Loyal Fans of Eric Northman (aka Alexander Skarsgård)

Who are the Viking Wenches? (or #VikingWenches which is the 'official' hash-tag on Twitter)

The Viking Wenches are a fun-loving group of gals (and some  guys too!) who are lovers of the show True Blood & The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, by Charlaine Harris, which the show True Blood is based on.

We call ourselves Viking Wenches to show support of our favorite character; We are Team Eric all the way. Some of Wenches even go by the alias of SkarsGirl or SkarsPerv! (*giggles uncontrollably*)

We tweet about the show, about the books, about our lives, but mostly we tweet about our very favorite character from the books & the show ~ Eric Northman & the Beautiful, Blue-eyed, Swedish Actor who Portrays him on the HBO show - Alexander Skarsgård.

One of our members, has organized and moderates Sookie's Book Club - you should follow her on Twitter (@ssbookclub). There is a weekly chat to discuss 2 chapters a week from one of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. The group meets at 9pm EST on Sunday evenings since True Blood is on hiatus until next summer; we all need our TB Fix on Sundays, so the Viking Wenches chose that day to meet.

We are fiercely loyal to Our Master... so Team Bill need not apply. Just kidding! All fans are welcome to join the group on twitter and in our weekly bookclub chats; we just prefer to keep things friendly & keep the character bashing to a minimum. There are rules for the chats (which are moderated throughout), so please be sure to read them before you join the group.

How do you find out more about becoming a Viking Wench?

Go to Sookie's BookClub on to follow the organizer of the book club.

Read the SSBookClub Blog ~

Join the Sookie's Book Club group on Google CLICK HERE

Once you join the group, you will be able to get information about where and how to log into the weekly chats. (or send @ssbookclub a message for chat info)

Go to and Search for the hash-tag #Vikingwenches (if you are twitter-illiterate, just type #Vikingwenches into the search box); or just CLICK HERE

*This will bring up all the tweets that are ear-marked by a Viking Wench. It might be just casual conversation, or links to other websites that a wench thinks another wench might like.

*You'll also see lots of pictures of our blue-eyed, blonde haired sweetie Askars, as we lovingly refer to him at time since his name takes up a lot of character space!

Also, you can follow all of the TrueBlood characters on Twitter, and join fans for TrueBlood on Twitter Thursdays! On certain scheduled Thurdays, you will be able see the characters tweet out a scene from TB or maybe even some TB fan fiction! Check out our links for Being @SookieBonTemps who is one of our favorite Tweeters.

Follow the characters, you never know what they will be up to!

Hope to Tweet you all Soon!

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